Cardio Care - Your Heart Health

'It's all about your heart and world, we can walk through it together

Cardio Care - Your Heart Health

'It's all about your heart and world, we can walk through it together

Hello from Bello

Hello there,

I'm LOTH Bello, an avid "lover of the Heart" (talk about the 'LOTH' in my name) and your Health. As Bello, I am arguably Nigeria’s most ecumenical name! I hail from our roots. I also care to see everyone live healthy for as long as we all live and catch breaths.

I started this out because of close family and friends like Shola, Abdul and Chinonso who face heart related issues. I have seen and felt the burden this bares on them! The likes of Shola, Abdul and Chinoso inspire me to advocate for your better heart health.

My passion is to help your caregivers understand you better, your loved ones are not left out too- they should know how to support you. Definitely it's true your health care professionals should know how you feel about the treatments and vague advises, they ought to evangelize with you to other people you see towing this path you seem to have found yourself.

It's going to be a ride from here- I will write you mails, read your chats, write blogs, share some exciting reels and quick informative hacks with you. Occasionally, I’d have experts on a Q and A session, responding to your many silent questions you have been seeking answers to. We could meet up on Facebook or YouTube …With me, the world revolves around you!!

Whether like Shola who is facing the day to day challenges of managing a heart condition at 30 or Abdul who has starred the heavens once or twice but came out like a scarred miracle. Chinonso, who struggles with high work pressure despite the health detriments; please find your safe space here, together we are stronger!

Anticipate help for your journey to better heart health as we connect, collaborate and build our community. We will not be defined by our condition or circumstance but define it ourselves! Our dreams more daring than ever within our reach!

I’m here for you! We are here for each other. Expect my mail soon! For now, you can subscribe, let’s build better heart health together.

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