Pro-Biotics For Life

Pro-Biotics For Life

Pro-biotics have various health benefits at every stage of your life journey

As the ancient Greek Father of Medicine, Hippocrates penned that“all diseases begin in the gut, and the “natural forces within us are the true healers of disease”. But as civilizations modernized and industrialized we moved farther away from these basic tenets. The amazing role that human gut and its inhabitants play in maintaining health and well being right from birth to old age needs to be recognized. Probiotics or beneficial bacteria that regulate our health need to be supplemented at various times during disease, illness and even when undergoing treatment with certain medications.

To ease the understanding or the conditions and the role of probiotics and help people make the right choice when it comes to selection of the appropriate probiotics to address their condition is the key aim of the project.

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People who saw the difference

This is just a quick note to say how helpful probiotics have been for me. I am a complete foodie and love to try out foods from different restaurants to satisfy my gastronomic desires. A few days back, I experienced discomfort for four days after a bout of food poisoning, post a luncheon with my friends. I just had one probiotic capsule a day, and within a couple of days was back to normal. I continued to have it regularly, only to improve my digestive health. Surprisingly weeks later, I noticed that I was free of heartburn/reflux that had been bothering me for about 3-4 times a week for a few years now. I feel so much better now, as I am heartburn-free.

Lissa Kana
28 years, Management student

The probiotic product has helped reduce constipation and bloating. I used to feel until a long, long time. After taking the probiotic supplements, bathroom time is a breeze with no more constipation and no gas pains. I just experienced the benefits within three days of taking these magic beans. I can just swear by these probiotics to relieve me from constipation and can't do without them anymore. For me, this means less fatigue and a happier mood. I no longer dread to go to the washroom and have much more energy, which equals a better day for me! It's the best thing I have found so far. Thank you very much, good probiotic bacteria!

Khairul Izham
35 years, IT Professional