Talking About Mega

We strive for change ad the well-being of our community as a purpose unto itself. But along the way, our employees and our partners have shared positive feedback about our work and processes. Hear what they have to say.

Talking About Mega

We strive for change ad the well-being of our community as a purpose unto itself. But along the way, our employees and our partners have shared positive feedback about our work and processes. Hear what they have to say.

I am happy to work here because I can learn and initiate many things.

Apichai Chanjarusiri
Former Director Manufacturing, Thailand

Mega We care family! I love people in my family, and Mega is my family. We care each other and challenge each other. We are different and we also accept each other. I am proud working here. Mega We care!

Duangnapa Tongsiri
President & Head Coach for Mega We care Branded Business in Thailand

It’s been 24 years. It’s been a wonderful journey. I really enjoy the independence I have to do what I need to do, to make mistakes ; I’m sure I made a lot of those as well but to make mistakes and to learn and grow.

Girish Wadhwa
President for Myanmar / Head Coach

I really enjoy working every day for last 25 years and that’s because I’m trusted and given freedom. Mega is the only company I have been working with and will work for the future.

Hien Thanh Pham
Marketing Manager, Vietnam

I love the culture of Mega. Mega is the company where employees can share any kind of issues .This helps to create the culture of “working together” at Mega.

Somsak Kitiwiriyakul
OTC Sales Director, Thailand

Eleven short years, 4 countries, 2 continents, it’s been a very short journey for me. What I love about Mega is the Mega Way of Life, simple living and high thinking.

Jiji George
Managing Director, Vietnam

Mega has developed over the years into a dynamic organisation, which has proven to itself and the rest of the pharmaceutical industry that it is, and will continue to be, a serious player in the market place because of its dedication to providing quality products with scientific support.

John W Farley
Former Managing Director, Mega Lifesciences, Australia

I am enjoying and working in Mega for last 17 years. It’s a great opportunity for everyone who works with Mega to discover their talents, the abilities and to do something great, to create something great.

Margarita Lobko
Human Capital Development Manager, Ukraine

Well, Mega, it’s a short name but with a biggest meaning. People say love and freedom ; it’s a word but it’s the value we share. We, everybody here share this value. But personally, I appreciate the love among employees.

Martin Ghersi
Logistics Manager, Peru

I’ve been in the company for 25 years in Cambodia, so maybe you can guess why I work so long rather than me saying why I love Mega. I have an opportunity to learn a lot and grow with the company. I love the company.

Ny Phyrun
Head Operation, Cambodia

What I love in Mega most is the sense of ownership from day one.

Paramjit Singh
President International / Head Coach

The reason why I like Mega is the freedom. Every day, I learn and improve myself and I have improved others. I like working with the people here in Mega. The people here in Mega are what make this company so special. I have worked in a number of the multinational companies and there is no company in the world that I have ever seen that is like Mega.

Philip Stevenson
General Manager, Australia

Love, love, and lots of love, Mega taught me how to live life, Mega is life for me now.

Sanjeev Bhatia
Areas Director - Central Asia

For me, there’re a lot of things, I will take three, I like the freedom to work, there’s a lot of the opportunity to grow and I like the sense of ownership. In Mega, most of all, I like the people because there is love and affection among the people and especially in Nigeria we care so much, not only about ourselves, we go out asking about our families. We know families’ birthdays, from the MD down to the cleaner. I love that so much, I love the affection. It’s a big WOW! I think Mega has a heart that’s as per the name “Mega”

Shola Shunmola
Finance Manager, Nigeria

There is one reason for me to work in Mega because it is the best company in the world for me.

Suchai Meesomboonpoonsuk
Director-Business Development & Marketing (Pharma Health Care (PHC) Division) for Thailand & South East Asia

This company has given me the courage to live my dream of honesty and truth. I love this company.

Thomas Abraham

I am working here for more than 21 years. Mega is very flexible organization that makes us adjust, adapt and adopt to every situation. We can move fast and grow. We work like teenagers, like to learn together, like to keep ourself happy. We care for people; keep our people happy, keep our customers happy . That’s why I love Mega.

Witchulada Paranakian
Sales and Marketing Director, Thailand

Robert Spector Consulting conducted a two-day training session for 130 Mega leaders in Bangkok. We were impressed with Mega’s commitment to delivering the ultimate customer experience. In our experience, Mega is one of the few companies around the world that takes that commitment seriously. Finally, we were moved by the love that this diverse group of men and women expressed for their company and for their colleagues. It was a joy to witness.

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Bestselling author of; The Nordstrom way, Get big fast,The Mom and Pop store, Anytime anywhere and Category kills.

Robert Spector
Founder and Chairman, Robert Spector Consulting Worked as a consultant for Mega We care.

Mega brings to life what Demosthenes, the Greek orator said, “Small opportunities are often the beginning of great enterprises
Mega’s entrepreneurial energy has been the fuel for its growth from a soft-gel manufacturer to a global life sciences company. One of the most important enablers of building an innovation culture is the license to take calculated risks, some of which may end up in failure; and Mega with its history in getting into markets where others fear to tread, truly embodies this spirit. My conversations with Vivek and rest of his team, consistently brought out this culture of allowing people to take ownership of the businesses they run, and doing what is right for the customers and the market.

Akshay Mehra
Principal Consultant Innosight, Singapore

We had spent time with top management down to supervisors and it was one of my best experiences. There are people with unique qualities at MEGA. I can summarize them into 3 Es of leadership.
MEGA is driven by an Entrepreneurship mindset, selecting the people with right mindset and providing them freedom to work .There is less instruction on “how to do” the work, they are told the “why” and “what”. Hence, people have more freedom to exercise their strengths in order to deliver high level of performance output.
The high level of Empowerment reflects high trust on people. People can move around, adjust their scope of work and to my surprise, I found many people who are asking for more work without any pressure on them.
End result of the above 2 Es is a high level of Employee Engagement. I can see that from the maid to the corner office, people enjoy their work. You can see faces with smile and laugh all over the place.

Kriengsak Niratpattanasai
Worked as an external coach to Mega Founder and Coach, ”The Coach” – Maximizing “A” Players Thailand.

Dr. Gittell’s discovery of relational coordination and its performance effects is documented in The Southwest Airlines Way: Using the Power of Relationships to Achieve High Performance (McGraw-Hill, 2003), and in High Performance Healthcare: Using the Power of Relationships to Achieve Quality, Efficiency and Resilience (McGraw-Hill, 2009). She conducted an workshop for 150 senior colleagues at Mega during the annual event ” Minds We Share Jan 2013″. The workshop was focused on how South West Airlines uses the Power of Relationships to Achieve High Performance.
So impressed with the work that Mega is doing and with the quality of the team that CEO Vivek Dhawan has put together. It appears to me that Mega’s leadership has been using the principles of relational coordination to build connections within and across the regional teams and with the local stakeholders they serve – all toward the shared goal of promoting greater health and wellness with greater efficiency

Dr. Jody Hoffer Gittell
Best selling author of The South West Airlines Way. Professor, Brandeis University, Heller School Executive Director

To me, Mega and it’s culture is all about caring for people; it’s employees, the shopkeepers who sell their products, the customers who use them and the shareholder.

While almost every organization espouses the value of caring for all the stakeholders – and they may even believe they do –the actions of most companies prove otherwise. Invariably most companies value the shareholder first and foremost and make short term decisions to please them. Companies built on short term decision making always eventually fail.

Within minutes of beginning my first conversation with Vivek it became apparent to me that I’d landed on one of those rare people whose authenticity is so genuine that it’s palpable; you can actually feel it in your soul. Being a compassionate and caring soul is the culture of Mega.

Upon meeting, spending time and teaching the leaders of the company who have guided it’s growth and good work, I was again amazed at how genuine, compassionate, caring and committed to growth everyone was. Seldom do I encounter an organization where everyone is on the same page.

The highest compliment I can give an organization is to say they get ‘it.’ Mega get’s it and practices it in all they do. They understand that by truly caring for and doing the right things for all the people that their long their success will be insured.

To say that I respect, admire and care deeply for Mega, it’s leadership and everyone associated with the company would be an understatement. Here’s to a Mega future for Mega and all it’s stakeholders.

Worked as a consultant for Mega We care. Bestselling author of It’s Not The Big That Eat The Small – It’s The Fast That Eat The Slow, Less Is More, Think BIG-Act Small and Hit The Ground Running, The Reinventors.

Jason Jennings

It was a pure joy to work with Mega. I have spoken for more than 1500 companies in the last 12+ years in over 45 countries. I was very impressed with the focus on innovation, with the unusually big focus on learning from other thought leader and the big diversity of backgrounds of the people who attended the event.

My latest book is called “One World. One Company.” and it tells the story of how some of the best companies in the world are using innovation, curiosity of the world and diverse backgrounds to create “Truly Global Companies

Mega fits perfectly into the definition of a Truly Global Company. Had I known about them earlier I would have included them as a case study in my book. I am convinced many companies can learn a lot from Mega.

Fredrik Härén is an author and speaker on business creativity. He runs the company and is based in Singapore. Last year, he was invited to speak in 23 countries.

Fredrik Haren

MEGA has developed an unique culture driven by “Passion”. Combine this with the clear strategic direction, and the prime focus on “people” as the key asset, Mega has what it take to continue to be successful and develop itself as a world-class leader in its league.
Some of the challenges ahead reside in aligning the speed the company is growing with the people’s capabilities.
The other challenge I see is how well the organization executes the Injection which breaks its short-long term conflict.
“The actions we take to ensure short term performance pave the way to ensuring long term performance”
This requires in many instances a paradigm shift in thinking which in many cases involves taking a step back (taking a hit to the P&L )
As a last feedback, I hope that more an more people will spend adequate time on good communication and challenge each other, including the leaders as this is a necessary condition to create sustainability and achieve MEGA’s GOAL with VELOCITY

Dr. Eric De Smet
President, International Group and Partner of AGI- Goldratt Institute LLP

I have had the opportunity to become very familiar with the fine organization, Mega We Care. In today’s global environment, it is clearly the people (leaders, managers and employees) that craft competitive advantage. More specifically, the connection that people feel to a deep felt purpose is the new penetrating logo, brand and culture seen by our market place. Mega has invested in the future by meticulously selecting top talent, setting everyone up for success, and the cultivation of world class culture that demands growth and value creation. Leaders are committed to being “INTERESTED” versus “INTERESTING.” Managers are committed to CONNECTING PEOPLE TO PASSION. Employees are always striving to IGNITE PURPOSEFUL ENERGY within one another. Vibrant cultures like Mega give me a great deal of energy and hope in the future of business success that is driven by people.
Worked as Consultant to Mega We care
Curt has spend more than 20 years in Gallup Organization.He is a Bestselling author of First Break all the Rules – What Great Managers do Differently, Follow This Path , Culture Eats Strategy for Lunch.

Curt W Coffman
Senior Partner, Coffman Organization